If you’re cutting down on caffeine, it can be hard to train yourself out of reaching for a steaming mug of tea or coffee to warm yourself up on a cold day. Here are a few ideas for warming drinks that won’t send your caffeine levels sky high…

Neat herbal infusions:

1. For a really easy herbal infusion, brew up some boiling water and add fennel seeds, or rosemary. The fennel seeds are also good if you’re suffering from a post-holiday delicate stomach/indigestion.

2. For a warming liquorice brew, add star anise to hot water in and steep until you reach the right intensity.

3. Spearmint can be a warming herbal infusion, because of its intense flavor. Peppermint, by contrast, can have a cooling effect.

4. Fresh peeled ginger is warming, but don’t overdo dried ginger as it can be a little bit too spicy for some palates. If you feel a cold coming on, a few cups of fresh ginger tea can fend it right off.

5. Try not to add pure sugar to herbal infusions; if you can drink them neat that’s best but if not; opt for molasses, maltose, and palm sugar which all have warming rather than cooling properties. Who needs a caramel latte anyway?

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