Insomnia is a prevalent sleep disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

It can lead to poor concentration, daytime fatigue, and irritability. Although medication is available, it is not always effective and can lead to unwanted side effects. Massage therapy is becoming an increasingly popular complementary treatment option for insomniacs.

How Massage Therapy Helps Insomniacs
Massage therapy can help insomniacs improve their sleep quality by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. It increases serotonin levels, which is a natural hormone that helps regulate sleep. Massage therapy also helps release tension and reduces muscle pain and stiffness, promoting deeper sleep.

Massages for Insomnia

Different types of massage techniques can help improve sleep quality for insomniacs. These techniques include:

1. Swedish Massage: It is a gentle form of massage therapy that uses long strokes, muscle kneading, and circular movements to promote relaxation and improve circulation.

2. Deep Tissue Massage: This massage technique uses deep pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue, reducing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

3. Shiatsu Massage: Shiatsu massage applies pressure to specific points on the body called meridians, promoting the flow of energy and relaxation.

Booking a Session with Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa

If you have insomnia, you may want to consider massage therapy to improve your sleep quality. Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa offers a wide variety of massage techniques to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

It is important to note that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment if you have an underlying health condition causing your insomnia. We recommend consulting your doctor before undergoing massage therapy.

Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide, and medication is not always effective. Massage therapy is an increasingly popular complementary treatment that can help improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation, reducing tension and muscle pain, and increasing serotonin levels. Book a session with Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa today and experience the healing power of massage therapy.


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