Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa is proud to announce the latest in skin care treatment, the Hydra Refiner Facial. Contact Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa and take advantage of their introductory price of $90 ($120 value) for 50 mins treatment!

The Hydra Refiner Facial skin care treatment is an effective and minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. After one treatment you will experience a refreshing and non-irritating treatment that addresses a wide variety of skin concerns. Schedule your Hydra Refiner Facial appointment now!

Hydra Refiner Facial Treatment

· Non-laser skin resurfacing treatment

· Appropriate for all skin types.

· Customized treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, enlarged pores, oily and congested skin.

· Leaves skin renewed and stimulates a glowing look in as little as 30 minutes.

Hydra Refiner Facial technology utilizes hydra dermabrasion and vortex-extraction™ for a deeper cleanse, a gentle exfoliation and a supercharged hydration for your skin.

This non-invasive medical grade treatment delivers results with three steps:

You’ll love the difference in your skin. This Hydra Refiner Facial Treatment has been used by those who make a living by being in front of the camera. It works and is now affordable to the customers of Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa. Schedule your appointment now and have the look you desire for your skin! By clicking here you’ll utilize our fast and simple solution for scheduling your appointment.

The Hydra Refiner Facial Literally Sucks the Dirt Out of Your Pores!

Now affordable for Somatic Massage Therapy clients!

The Hydra Refiner Facial is one of the most popular in-office facial treatment going, with a treatment being performed every 15 seconds around the world! The Hydra Refiner Facial treatment has become the go-to facial for celebs and “regular folks” alike, targeting dryness and signs of aging in your skin with little to no side effects.

Hydra Refiner Facial treatments are offered at licensed medical professional facilities, or where a certified Hydra Refiner Facial esthetician is present. The four-step treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin with serums that are infused into pores with the HydraPeel Tip, pen-like device. Schedule your Hydra Refiner Facial Treatment with Somatic Massage Therapy and Spa! Click here to schedule your consultation and appointment or call 516-686-9557 now.