How would you like to relax for 50 minutes and feel like a kid running on the beach? Sound great? Let’s get ready!

Maybe you won’t be running on the beach, but you will feel relaxed and loose enough after your massage that you’ll want to jump up and give it a try! Somatic Massage Therapy, PC offers a staff of friendly, licensed massage therapists that make your body feel better.We now announce a specialty Geriatric massage for only $65!

Specialized Geriatric massage focuses on the conventional areas of aging in addition to specifically addressing your needs discussed during your free, initial consultation.Imagine having relief from pain and sore joints through comfortable, gentle and relaxing techniques…naturally, without increasing prescriptions!

As the aging process sets in, our joints tighten up and we feel more restricted. Our subtle, yet qualified techniques provide relaxing movement to your stiff and aching joints.Mild, subtle stretching is handled with extreme care so that your joints are loosened appropriately. Have you noticed your skin being more sensitive? Somatic Massage therapists will take great care in using our specialty oils so that there is no friction or skin irritation. You’ll notice that our oils help soothe, moisturizeand refresh your skin hours after your relaxing session!

Have you been so sore that you don’t won’t to be touched? It happens more time than most know. Your therapist is aware of the unique needs of seasoned citizens and approach each session with careful consideration. Your comfort and well-being is the utmost priority our clients have expressed a comfort not experienced prior to their massage.

Are you ready for a relaxing, joint loosening massage from a licensed therapist? We encourage you to share your desire with your doctor in case there is something specific we need to address. If your doctor has any questions regarding our techniques, please invite them to contact us asap so that we can help you have comfort. We encourage you to bring someone with you that you feel comfortable with. We offer a friendly, pleasant environment and after your first visit it is most likely you’ll have the relaxing comfort you want and we strive for.

It’s important to note that you are fully covered during your session and you can wear the clothes of your choice. The only areas exposed are the ones being addressed. If you are a seasoned citizen with soreness and discomfort, we invite you to utilize our Geriatric massage for a moment you deserve!

Somatic Massage Therapy, PC is prepared to answer your questions. Please contact us by calling 516.686.9557 or visit us online at . In the area? Stop by and see us and feel how relaxing our environment is! Don’t forget, there’s a beach waiting with your name