Once the kids are back at school, the bugs start to spread
again…there’s always one with a cold, or an upset tummy, and in an
environment like a school, as soon as one child is affected, the others
are too. So, how do you boost your little ones’ immune systems to
avoid them catching absolutely everything?

The first step is teaching hygiene from a young age. Teach the kids to
wash their hands before they eat and drink, and after using the
bathroom. Use a hand sanitizer at home and send them to school
with a gel or spray in their bag containing anti-bacterial essential oils
like tea tree oil to use if they get their hands dirty while playing or
after the bathroom. It won’t stop everything but will certainly help.

A healthy diet goes a long way towards keeping kids (and grown-ups)
healthy and boosting immune systems. Kids tend to be averse to
broccoli, carrots and kale but try to get as many vegetables and fruits
into their meals as you can. Early exposure to a wide range of
different flavors and textures is also said to help develop children’s
taste buds. Try blending veg as into a tomato sauce for pasta and add
to lasagna or spaghetti sauce. If allowed, pack nuts and fruits coated
in yogurt into their school lunch boxes too, as they contain lots of
zinc, an effective immunity booster.

If the kids won’t follow a bedtime routine, they are sadly more likely
to get all the bugs going around. Tiredness and lack of sleep can
really knock their developing immune system. Try giving children a
range of magnesium-rich foods to help them to fall asleep and stay
asleep, as magnesium balances hormones and neurotransmitters in
the brain. Some of the best magnesium-rich foods include fish, leafy
green vegetables, seeds and avocado; or try a magnesium-filled
snack of yogurt and banana before bedtime.

Self-care is a great way for kids, and parents to beat bugs, too. Lift
your own immune system by taking care of yourself and the kids, as
you just know when the little ones come home from school with the
latest ailment, you’re going to get it too if you’ve been focussing all
of your attention on them and nothing on yourself. One way to
effectively boost immunity is through massage therapy; Regular
massages have been shown to make the immune system stronger,
according to studies.

Researchers working with patients with compromised immune
systems noticed that massage appeared to boost their immunity –
this effect can also be seen when it’s an average family trying to
ward off colds, flu and other bugs. It works because massage therapy
increases the activity level of white blood cells in your body. These
cells work to combat viruses, and according to research from Cedars-
Sinai, people who took part in a Swedish massage group noted
significant changes in their lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell
which helps to fight disease. So if you need a reason to book in for a
massage now the kids are back at school, we’ve just given you one.

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