Once again Somatic Massage Therapy is on the forefront of physical wellness and therapeutic treatments by introducing Fascia Blasting!

Fascia Blasting is a manual treatment using Ashley Blacks Fascia Blaster to break up connective tissue.

This treatment can be customized to be used on most areas of the body. Because we are all busy and seek convenience when possible, Somatic’s licensed therapists will come to your home and a certified massage therapist/Lipo-expert will perform a full body fascia blasting treatment on a comfortable massage table!

Fascia Blasting sessions can offer huge transformations.

Bodies change, cellulite reduced, and greater muscle definition is recognized due to using the Fascia Blaster. Our Somatic Massage Therapy, PC clients love the results. However, my favorite part is witnessing the women that feel better in their bodies and the ripple effect in other areas of their lives due to this positive emotional shift.

Fascia massage, medicupping, and fascia blasting all help to promote fascia repair by reducing stress and strain on fascia fibers, increasing blood flow, improving nerve conductivity and increasing interstitial fluid flow. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, love handles, saddle bags and belly bulge. It can also work to break down fat tissues, improve muscle performance, reduce pain, improve lymph drainage and accelerate muscle recovery.

Somatic Massage Therapy, offers many services to enhance your wellness. In addition to Facsia Blaster services we offer Lipo-Massage treatment to your regular Fascia Blasting routine for better results. Be sure to ask us about our first time client discount on Lipo-Massage treatment during your initial free consultation.

Feel better, relieve tension, have more energy, loosen joints and enjoy a better mood transition.

More so than “pampering”, our Somatic Massage Therapy,  services improve your performance and outlook on life through proper awakenings of dormant tissues and problem areas of your body.

Contact Somatic Massage Therapy today for your free consultation and have all your questions answered. It’s important to know that the only thing you have to lose is discomfort and unsightly areas on your body that you aren’t satisfied with. It’s time to assume control over your wellness and Somatic Massage Therapy, PC has your answers.

Contact Somatic Massage Therapy online or call 516.686.9557. You will have a FREE CONSULTATION and access to a full team of licensed therapists that will solely focus on your needs.

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