Massage is for everybody –

we all enjoy a session and it’s great for stress levels. But – what if you’re transgender and not sure about the reaction you’ll get? Please don’t worry. Massage therapists honestly really have seen it all, and we’ve said it all before too – we really don’t care about your body, your weight, how hairy you are or whether you’re transgender. All we want is for you – our lovely client – to enjoy a massage. Some trans people report that they’ve have had bad experiences with massage before; that could be being ‘mis-gendered’ by a therapist, or just feeling uncomfortable removing their clothes (or the pressure to remove more of their clothes than they feel comfortable with).

We totally understand that you might feel a bit awkward –

and not everyone is confident in their body; that applies to cis-gender people too. You might not know whether a massage center is going to be accepting of you as a trans person – will they be body-positive, and trans-friendly? We feel we’re privileged to be able to earn transgender peoples’ trust. When we massage you, we get that we’re seeing you at your most vulnerable, undressed, on your own and maybe dealing with pain or an injury that’s upsetting you. We know that we need to work with you and help you feel relaxed enough to let the massage do its work – as we do any of our valued clients. There’s no point in giving you a massage treatment that leaves you even more stressed out than you were when you booked it. We’re very keen to make sure that the transgender members of our community are treated with respect and not unintentionally hurt by therapists who might make assumptions about them.

If you’re transgender and looking for a safe place to come for a massage, you are welcome here!

Please know that: 1. You don’t have to undress completely for a massage with us. Some of our massages can be carried out fully or partly-clothed, and for any treatment that needs you to remove clothes, we expect you to keep your underwear on. We promise to respect your modesty at all times, leave the room when you get dressed and undressed and give you blankets or sheets to cover the areas of your body that are not being worked on. 2. We promise not to make any assumptions about you or your gender identity – we won’t even mention it unless you do, or you need to tell us something.

Tell us when you book how you identify and we will make sure you are treated according to your preferences. 3. If there are any parts of your body that you’d prefer us not to work on, let us know before your massage. We want you to leave us feeling awesome and so we’ll tailor your treatment to your needs. Give us as much or as little information as you’re comfortable with and lie back as we do the rest. Enjoy your massage! Click here to make an appointment or purchase a spa gift certificate today.