Our friendly, licensed staff is selfish…FOR YOU! They are absolutely focused on your complete satisfaction. Your private sessions are intuitive and compassionate. Our Somatic Massage Therapy, PC environment is private and offers luxuries that place you in a comfortable position and completely at ease!

Your FREE consultation provides your Therapist with all the info necessary to target your issues or desires to be pampered. Pampered? Yep, pampered! We’re gonna take a few minutes here and point out some of our pampering options that our clients enjoy daily…and now it’s your turn!

Soft music, table warmers, aromatherapy and high-end linens!

We all want to feel good. So, what’s the best options to feel and look the absolute best we can? Our skilled staff has been trained to maximize all massage techniques and “feel good” services such as Sugar Scrub Facials and Steam Canopy Treatments! Want to look and feel vibrant? Call us today! 516.686.9557

Sugar Scrub facials are popular! Pampering not just for the ladies!

Men have become more impeccable with their grooming habits. No longer being satisfied with the old soap on a rope or a good bar of Ivory or Irish Spring, many of our clients are men! They want an appreciate the benefits of Somatic Massage Therapy! Our male clientele has increased and they frequent us to get facials, waxings, eyebrow shaping, seaweed wraps, sugar scrub facials, and removal of unsightly nose and ear hair. Our male clients receive as much enjoyment from pampering treatments as do the ladies when they want to rid themselves of stress and emerge looking like pea hens, and peacocks, or simply a pampered gladiator.

Steam Canopy Treatment

Our steam canopy treatment provides maximum benefits as the warm, moist heat opens your pores and encourages effective product penetration. This truly awesome treatment is relaxing, beneficial, and utilizes an ancient healing technique which uses organic oils, mud, herbs, aromatherapy, and body lotion. A series of 3 treatments is recommended for maximum benefits…if you choose to limit yourself to 3! Once you’re spoiled it’s hard not to continue to enjoy!!

Other than making you feel great, look vibrant and your skin glowing, the wrap-less steam canopy treatment provides you maximum benefits of hydrotherapy, providing a warm relaxing treatment giving you relief from joint pain, inflammation, allergies, asthma and muscle soreness. It helps to improve circulation, digestive issues, immune problems, and skin problems. In addition to the health benefits, The Steamy Wonder Spa also serves as a beauty aid, and promotes weight loss through detoxification, beautiful skin, and cellulite reduction.

Gifts from ancient times!

Steam Canopy Treatment utilizes ancient healing technique with organic massage oils, mud, herbs, aromatherapy, and body lotion.

Your clinical massage is something that makes you wonder why it took so long! Many times we don’t realize how badly you need a great massage until you get one! “I wouldn’t schedule anything for after a steam canopy treatment because you SWEAT and you won’t have any makeup, deodorant, etc. left on your body!  The therapists are very considerate and put your comfort first.  My skin felt softer than my baby’s. I left Somatic Massage feeling like a different person”!

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