Have you considered a great massage? A perfect facial that brings back your youth or makes you feel great? How about loosening your joints or removing toxins from your body for an increase in energy? Somatic Massage Therapy, PC has a complete buffet of services and products that make you feel better, reduce stress an awaken your body to prepare for the active summer months!

Studies show prenatal massage is more than relief!

Studies show that clinical, prenatal massage relieves swollen ankles, aching muscles, overstressed joints, stress and anxiety while improving important lymphatic and blood circulation. As if that’s not enough, prenatal massage also helps with sustained mood balance, improved cardiovascular health. Prenatal massage is a healthy, natural relief for you and your baby. Our highly skilled clinical therapists are passionate about helping you and take great care when addressing your specific prenatal needs. Learn more!

Newly discovered body solutions!

Mobile chair and in- home massage! Deep tissue massage! Did you know that there is a scientific /physical reason a clinical massage feels so relieving? Consider the possibility of activating the flow of important endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters known as “feel good” chemicals within our body that help calm us down.  Many of us work at a computer all day or struggle through the work week without allowing time for ourselves. This leads to a loss of energy and a tightness that simply doesn’t go away by itself. A professional massage therapist can make a profound difference in your work performance while providing a relief that is both unimaginable and completely natural! Learn more!

Pain relief…naturally!

I recall having a significant pain in my lower back area on my right side. I neglected it and thought it would go away. It didn’t and in a few weeks I could barely walk! I contacted a friend that was a massage therapists and he told me it was my sciatic nerve causing the problem. He offered to come to my home and work with me. After three sessions the pain had subsided. Without pain pills my pain was gone! I was sold on massage therapy and amazed at how my body responded.

Consider the benefit clinical massage therapy can provide; Stimulation of the blood, increasing oxygen supply that “awakens” your body from within, releasing tension, stress and anxiety while overall supporting your body through a natural, personal process. I personally shy away from medications whenever possible and find the solution of massage therapy one that can remain throughout my life. Learn more about relieving pain naturally!

Exclusive Spa Products Now Available!

Why do we use specific products in our spa? Because research and our Spa Member’s feedback tell us which products are the best! Have you been to a great restaurant, had the most delicious dish ever and wanted the recipe so you could enjoy it in your home forever? Somatic Therapy Massage, PC has opened up our products and secret ingredients to our most valuable people…YOU! View our amazing products! 

Become a Spa Club Member and SAVE $$

Your first call may turn into a FREE CONSULTATION should you want to know all the ways we make your mind and body feel so good. Club Members win big…and now you can win even bigger with Somatic Massage Therapy, PC’s introduction of our exclusive Spa Care products that you can now enjoy at home!

Club Members receive $40, up to $60 (2 sessions save $60!) off their spa sessions and, during our April promotion, receive an additional 10% off from every Spa product we offer at Somatic Massage Therapy, PC! That’s right, we want you to enjoy our best kept secrets at home. You can create your very own oasis of relaxation until you have another appointment with your friendly, skilled Somatic Massage therapist.

Spa Credit Account for Spa Club Members make it convenient to enjoy the best methods available for making your body feel relaxed, loose and pain free. By using your Spa Credit Account, you save an additional $100…this is in addition to all the other savings we mentioned! Call us at 516.686.9557 or visit us online for Spa Club member information!


What are you waiting for? Relaxation at its best is only one phone call away! When was the last time you lost yourself in a total relaxed, “out of body type” state of mind? Our daily lives require things from us and many times it’s easy to get caught up in the “grind” without re-energizing ourselves. There is a solution that not only is natural, but it’s quite pleasurable and empowering!

Somatic Massage, PC wants you to experience a moment that is all about you. We’re even offering a chance for a FREE massage session, a value of up to $100! We want more people to consider just how good they can feel after one massage session with a professional, licensed massage therapist. Our staff has devoted their lives to the understanding of how a body functions. They understand how to loosen tight joints, get your blood flowing for an energetic boost, and tap into the areas of your body that represent relaxing. Call Somatic Massage Therapy, PC at 516.686.9557

Somatic Massage Therapy, PC makes it easy an affordable to feel great with less pain!

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