Have you considered inviting a few friends to experience a “spa day”? The experience will relax everyone and the laughter becomes contagious! How can you not be happy when you feel so relaxed and good all over? Summer months have us all outside and getting more exercise. With increased exercise comes increased muscle soreness, aches and pains and a desire for relief!
Relief from soreness and aching joints is only a session away! Somatic Massage Therapy, PC provides all forms of massage that can pin point your problem areas and provide a relaxing solution to what ails you! Each staff member of Somatic Massage Therapy, PC is highly skilled and trained to get the most from your body. From the minute you walk in, (or our mobile massage can come to you) you will feel your muscles loosening and your soreness beginning to disappear!
Don’t miss out on summer fun due to aches and pains! Somatic Massage Therapy, PC has so many natural options for relief that will get you right back in the swing of things in no time. Speaking of swings, are you in the midst of golf season and feel a tightness in your back? Let’s get it loosened up and get you ready for your next round!
Somatic Massage Therapy, PC works with pro athletes, house wives, senior citizens and everyone that seeks relief from pain and soreness. If you are looking for a “feel good” moment from a relaxing soothing massage, then Somatic Massage Therapy, PC is the place for you. As mentioned earlier, if you are busy or can’t leave your home or office, Somatic Massage will schedule an appointment for one of our qualified staff members to come to you!
Massage stimulates your blood flow, increases oxygen and has an overall benefit to your health and performance. Our Somatic Massage Therapy, PC staff has been educated on every muscle and joint in your body. All adjustments are subtle, natural and without the use of medications. We believe in natural solutions and have the history of our patients to represent our effectiveness!
Contact us at www.somaticmassagepc.com or call 516.686.9557. Don’t waste these beautiful summer days by being too sore! Get rid of those aching muscles and joints and enjoy the summer days and nights!