Everybody loves to show their mom how special she is at this time of the year, but how to do it in a way that she’ll really appreciate, and that you didn’t do last year?

Put a bit of effort into making mom happy and she’ll be so grateful that you might get an extra invite for dinner as well! Some people think that they can get away with the cliched candy and chocolate, or flowers for their most important lady. Become the favoured child with a gift of massage and facial – shows her how much you REALLY care.

All Moms need to be spoiled, and how better to take care of someone than offer them a spa gift that will do some real good. Moms are busy, almost all of the time. You see her doing her very best to keep everyone happy – take notice of the things she says about her mood, her body and how she’s feeling and try to find her the right type of massage or facial.


Has Mom been complaining of back ache? Or general stiffness, aches and pains?  How about dry or ageing skin? You know that a day at Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa will really help, don’t you? Imagine her face as you present her with a Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa gift certificate for a massage and facial. She’ll be super happy to receive a gift that’s going to soothe the aches and pains, but also she’ll be touched that you actually listened to her when she told you about them.

Maybe Mom does everything for everyone and you think it’s about time that she was treated to a little relaxation time? Add in some extras to the massage and facial such as a sugar foot scrub, hand paraffin treatment and essential oils to her massage or why not give her a  Somatic Massage Membership  so that she has to take a little time out and relax on a regular basis? Even if she protests that she doesn’t have the time to spend an hour or so on pampering herself, you can bet she’ll enjoy it as soon as you convince her that yes, she does! You could even organised a gift set of pampering spa products from Somatic Boutique to go with the massages so that she carries on with a little spa and massage related self-care in the comfort of her own bathroom. Just being a little bit thoughtful will get you a long way.


This Mother’s Day give her what she really wants, and show a little extra care, attention and thought when you choose the gift for your mom. Flowers will wilt, house plants need looking after, chocolates don’t last and ornaments need cleaning – but a Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa  massage is a gift that keeps on giving…

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