We have found the absolute best scar cream and now introduce to our clients in our Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa retail area. We have made purchases for our clients simple and affordable with various discounts and gift cards that are always available on our cutting-edge line of healthy, alternative products.

Have you had surgery and need additional help removing the scars?

This specialized cream is perfect for clients to use right after surgery, especially lypo surgery! The ingredients are the best of the best and Somatic Massage Therapy, PC is proud to make it available. You will find Arnica, Vitamin E, MSM, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Cucumber & Tamanu Oil listed within the cream in addition to enough Vitamin E and Organic Arnica Montana for superior effective bruise and scar treatment. A high percentage of active ingredients have been infused into this luxurious creme for treatment of body, muscle, and tissue trauma.

Arnica relieves bruising, sprains, swelling, pulled muscles, and over all tension with many other top quality therapeutic actives to synergistically make this treatment creme the most effective and superior massage product on the market today. Arnica Montana is endorsed by sports coaches and doctors alike for its help in clearing and preventing bruising!

Vitamin E has long been utilized in burn centers and in alternative treatments to facilitate proper healing of scars! For our clinical massage patients, we utilize the cream due to its capabilities of hypoallergenic and luxurious deep tissue PH balanced treatment!

This clinically approved massage creme is effective for all modalities from high glide circulatory to slow deep tissue massage. Our clients are assured of the highest quality and purity for a truly impactful experience for their muscle and body treatment.

Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa  specializes in all forms of massage and provides convenient access to scheduling, even offering a mobile massage that comes directly to your home, office, or assisted living homes. Our staff is highly skilled in various areas of all-natural treatments and can provide relief and overall comfort to nearly all issues relating to tension, anxiety, sore muscles and distressed skin! Our mission is to make our clients feel and look better and our history represents a long-standing relationship with many of our clients and their families.

Gift cards, great pricing and flexible scheduling provide much needed relief for clients of Somatic Massage Therapy, PC. Visit us online at SomaticMassagePC.com or call 516-686-9557 with questions or scheduling. You will find our representatives caring, knowledgeable and determined to help you. It’s our passion to make you feel and look better!


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