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I have received such great compliments from those receiving the gift cards. gift certificatesPeople LOVE the cards because they receive a service that most don’t do on their own, pamper themselves! Not only are they feeling great but can work it in to a busy schedule. We’ve even enjoyed a “girl’s day at the spa”! We shared many laughs and left feeling invigorated.

Here’s how easy it is to be the person with the best gifts! Visit Visit us and go to ‘Purchase Gift Certificates” at the top right-hand corner of Home page. You’ll simply pick out the amount you’d like to purchase and answer the questions that are personalized for your gift recipient. It’s just that easy! The website is very informative while being simple to navigate…I’m not a big internet person so I was thankful that Somatic Massage Therapy, PC made it easy for me!

There is a complete array of services that are very valuable to those of us that desire to feel better. The environment is so inviting and relaxing that most of us feel better as soon as we enter the doors! Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa has some of the most skilled, passionate and qualified staff I have ever had the pleasure of being around. They actually smile while they work!

Aside from the many happy faces that anticipate their next gift occasion, a few of us “cheat” and purchase gift certificates for ourselves! Somatic always offers excellent specials that are just too inviting to turn down. I’ve learned that spoiling myself is a great thing to do and it’s most likely you’ll feel the same. Don’t hesitate to  Visit us as soon as possible and learn just how easy it is for you to turn into the greatest gift giver ever…and don’t forget to give yourself a gift card for when you’re ready to feel great and conquer your world!